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Umpqua Health and Dr. James Hoyne's Unprofessional Conduct

Dr. Hoyne wastes patient's time "investigating" other doctor's practices by grilling them on how they operate, what they charge, and more. Yet he charges the patient's insurance for his time that has nothing to do with true patient care!
Oct 6th, 2021

Is “Aviva” hiding something?

Umpqua Community Health Center (UCHC) recently changed their name under the state business registry. They still kept the one name for legal reasons, but changed the public name to the DBA (doing business as) name of “Aviva.”
Nov 4th, 2019

3 predictions regarding MIPS and Medicare changes

I predict that within the next two to five years we will be seeing two major trends happening within our healthcare system and they will both be the result of the changes Medicare has been making towards the reimbursement system...
Sep 27th, 2019

Dr. Choate and others abandon patients?

It seems that Umpqua Health and it’s clinical and administrative staff have big secrets to hide. First they close their office on Harvard Avenue WITHOUT informing patients . . . no letter, no phone calls, etc.
Sep 26th, 2019

CHI Mercy discrimination

Was contacted by an out-of-state media company called Patient Point that was hired by Mercy to start advertising local physicians on a TV screen located in their ER and south entrance to their hospital.
Sep 23rd, 2019

Response to Pain News Network article of 8-8-19

Here’s my response to an article posted on Pain News Network on August 8, 2019 by Pat Anson and titled: “Experts Advise Against It, But Opioids Often Used to Treat Migraine.”
Aug 12th, 2019

Canyonville Health and Urgent Care violates HIPAA?

The ongoing clash with this clinic is far from over. They have failed to send us records in a timely manner for years. Now their ploy is to NOT fax records to our office despite the patient’s signed Release of Information form stating they may do so.
Aug 12th, 2019

Prior Authorizations — the bane of most medical offices

Prior Authorizations have been used for years by insurance companies and pharmacy benefit mangers (PBM’s) to deny or delay medications, imaging, treatments, surgeries, etc. for their insured patient, their own client.
Aug 12th, 2019

More regarding Chronic Pain Patient discrimination

Here is my second response due to the many responses posted by patients on the article “Michigan Opioid Study Discusses Access to Primary Care Clinics for Patients with Chronic Pain” posted on July 14, 2019 by Ed Coghlan on the National Pain Report website
Jul 17th, 2019

More PDMP violations!

Oregon state law requires that any pharmacy filling controlled substances, categories II – IV, report them to the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (DMP) within 72 hours of dispensing.
Jul 17th, 2019

Over-medicated hospital employees at Mercy?

Mercy Medical Center recently LOST an EKG that was performed on my patient. In fact they had the WRONG phone number and address for the patient in their computer system, and even noted the patient’s marital status WRONGLY.
Jun 7th, 2019

More Nurse Practitioner fraud at local clinic

After reviewing the records on a patient and discussing the records with the patient in person, it becomes apparent that a Nurse Practitioner at the South River Community Health Center commits fraud on her medical records.
Apr 26th, 2019

UCHC fails again!

Just reviewed the final records on a patient being seen by a doctor at the Umpqua Community Health Center. I had previously reviewed what records they sent and had to ask for additional records that they failed to send as part of the original package.
Apr 26th, 2019

Sad state of medical care in Roseburg, Oregon

Reviewed medical records from multiple providers for a patient applying to my clinic. There are SO MANY things wrong with them, it’s difficult to know where to start, but here goes.
Apr 26th, 2019

Government NEVER admits their mistakes!

Here is my response to the recent article entitled “An Open Letter to the CDC Center for Injury Prevention” that Dr. Richard Lawhern posted on the Pain News Network website on 4-9-19:
Apr 10th, 2019

Epidural “hostages”

Just posted this comment on the Pain News Network website regarding their newest article
Mar 26th, 2019

UCHC provider makes a compliment?

Usually when I read medical records from our local medical providers, I get sarcasm and disdain from them regarding the fact that I am also seeing their patient and allow them to use medical marijuana with or without opiate medications.
Mar 25th, 2019

FDA looking into EHR errors?

There are so many errors and fraudulent entries made by numerous providers using Electron Health Record systems that it’s laughable and pathetic at the same time.
Mar 22nd, 2019

Sexual predator payout?

Why is it that those involved with covering up ex-Sen. Jeff Kruse walk away free and clear, just like him?
Mar 8th, 2019

Roseburg VA overprescribes to veterans for years

As reported in the News Review Jan. 12, 2018, “The Roseburg Veterans Affairs Medical Center has the highest rate of opioid prescriptions of any VA in the country, according to a report released Thursday by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.”
Mar 3rd, 2019

PDMP failures pt. 2

Today, 2-28-19, I had 2 controlled substances that failed to show up on the PDMP system after 28 days. Both were filled at Albertson’s Savon on 1-31-19 and are way past the 72 hour state mandated law.
Mar 1st, 2019

PDMP Failures pt. 3

Today had 3 controlled substance prescriptions that FAILED to show up on the PDMP system at 27 days after they were filled — law says they are supposed to be reported within 72 hours!
Feb 27th, 2019