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Government funded clinics discriminate against disabled patients

Had an interesting phone call today from South River Community Health Center. Person was looking for a provider to sign a Companion Pet waiver for a patient because it was against their clinic policy to do so! What type of discriminatory policy is that?! This is a simple Companion Pet waiver. It is not signing off the animal as a certified Service animal. I hear of more clinics, especially these Community Health Centers that get big government funds from the federal and state levels, failing to provide such basic services because it’s against their POLICY (which means they just don’t want to do it). Let’s see these established policies printed out for public review. Have they been reviewed by the government funding organizations?

This is just as bad as when Umpqua Community Health Center refused to sign for a patient’s Disabled Hunting Permit a few years ago. That’s clearly discriminatory to a disabled patient and possibly a violation of the ADA. But guess what? They never get investigated for such violations. Someone gets paid off to look the other way?

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