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2 local doctors had staff writing own pain med prescriptions for themselves and others!

Two local physicians have been discovered to have staff members that have been writing their own prescriptions by stealing prescriptions pads. They have written prescriptions for themselves, their family members, and others, probably selling them for big money. Walgreens discovered these “patients” were filling their prescriptions at Harvard Avenue Drugs and caught them doing so illegally by cross-referencing prescriptions with the PDMP. Yet when the two doctors were notified of the illegal actions of their employees, nothing was done publicly!

Complaints were filed to the Oregon Board of Pharmacy and the Oregon Medical Board. No investigation has ever been started by either agency because “those involved didn’t turn themselves in.” Really? The state expects criminals to just admit their crimes and fess up?! The local police or the Oregon State Police have failed to investigate these illegal prescription drug crimes too. All has been quietly covered up!

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