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When are FDA and other government officials going to jail?

Did you see the CBS Sixty Minutes story on the FDA entitled “Did the FDA ignite the opioid epidemic?” It aired on 2-24-19 with Bill Whitaker. It basically shows the collusion going on behind closed-door, private meetings between Big Pharma companies and the FDA. They basically forced the FDA to change labeling laws to allow opioids to be marketed without any proven research to back their claims. Something that the FDA as our government’s watchdog for public safety is supposed to do, yet they failed and allowed Big Pharma to pay them off to get what they wanted. Thus all the opioid deaths across this country that are truly due to prescriptions are the fault of the FDA and Big Pharma. We know that corporate executives never really go to jail for their actions, they just pay off big fines. But it’s high time that government officials should go to prison for their failures to protect the public, which is their solemn duty to do. They turned their backs on public safety, took “bribe” money, and blamed the opioid epidemic on medical providers who wrote the prescriptions for chronic pain medications; all based on what the FDA “approved” of ILLEGALLY.

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