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NeuroSpine fails to do pain agreements and complete proper documentation

Just reviewed the final records of a patient applying for care. NeuroSpine failed to send ALL the requested records the first time, so I had to review the rest later. Specifically the pain agreement is NOT signed by the patient or the physician. There is NO identifying patient information to state 100% that it was even from the patient’s medical record! NO name, NO date of birth, NO patient ID!

Two screenings tests were supposedly administered, but neither of them has ANY patient identifying information! NO name, NO date of birth, NO patient ID, NO testing date, and NO scoring! For them it’s all about going “through the motions,” but not really caring about what these documents are really for and how they are used.

This is the type of documentation that you get from clinics that are more interested in your money; moving you along as fast as they can to get to the real part of why they see you: TO BILL YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY and TO GET YOUR COPAYS! All about the money, NOT about the care.

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