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Mercy Medical Center AGAIN sends patient’s medical records WITHOUT authorization

Patient hasn’t seen me since June 2016 and had notified us then that they would not be returning due to insurance issues. Out of the blue, Mercy Medical Center sends us a copy of an x-ray done Feb. 2019. It was ordered by her PCP, not us, yet they sent us a copy of it. Mercy has done this multiple times over the years. Sends us records on patients who do not see us anymore or were dismissed, yet they repeatedly FAIL to send us records of patients who currently see us. They deliberately interrupt patient care and follow-up when they fail to send us ER reports, admission records, labs and imaging, and discharge summaries. Mercy cares less about patient care and more about getting paid. I am willing to bet bills get to insurance companies long before providers get the necessary records to coordinate follow-up care!

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