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CHI Mercy discrimination

Was contacted by an out-of-state media company called Patient Point that was hired by Mercy to start advertising local physicians on a TV screen located in their ER and south entrance to their hospital. The Patient Point agent researched physicians in the area taking new patients and what they had to say about healthcare. She contacted me out of the blue to wonder if I would be interested in such advertising. I told her that Mercy discriminates against my patients and my practice on an almost daily basis by denying timely medical records, telling ER patients that I am accepting new patients, and so much more. I told her that she better contact Mercy administrators to see if they would even consider having me advertise at their hospital.

Guess what? She called back two days later on 9-19-19 to inform me that Mercy said NO. Of course. I didn’t expect anything but that answer. But it clearly shows the discrimination that they have towards me and my staff and my patients.

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