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Response to Pain News Network article of 8-6-19

Here’s my response to the article “Co-Pay Assistance Programs Fail to Help Uninsured Patients” by Pat Anson and posted on the Pain News Network on August 6, 2019:

“Multi-million dollar fines do NOT change their behavior . . . because they’re making BILLIONS.
Some real jail time of consequence MIGHT change some behavior, but while CEO is in jail, another greedy vulture swoops in to assume the corporation and make the same decisions. Hell, why not! The government is TOO SLOW to go after these criminals.
The only real changes will occur when the government seizes the corporation assets and rights to all their products for the public benefit. Not that the government will be able to do a better job at producing and distributing these drugs, but why not give it a chance when all the other private corporations are lying, cheating, and stealing from the government?
Healthcare is WAY TOO OVER-PRICED and it all falls on the greed of these corporations and their stock-holders who expect increased profits each and every quarter. It’s time to take the BIG PROFITS out of the healthcare industry. There’s nothing wrong with reasonable profits, but there should be limits and more recognition of the need to help the public and world society as a whole.”

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