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General Medicine Practitioner

Darryl B. George, DO

Medical Marijuana Doctor, General Practitioner, & Pain Management located in Roseburg, OR & Beaverton, OR

When searching for a health care provider, it can be challenging to understand the differences between general medicine and family medicine. Just remember that family medicine treats the whole family, so practitioners take patients from tot to senior. General medicine treats only adults, so practitioners have extensive training in conditions appropriate to adult health concerns. Dr. Darryl George is a leading general practitioner in Roseburg and Beaverton, Oregon. He’s currently accepting new patients, so call the practice today to schedule an appointment.

General Medicine Q & A

What does a general medicine practitioner do?

Dr. George practices general medicine. He treats adults of all ages and is often the first point of treatment. 

General medicine is a broad branch of medicine, and Dr. George’s days are varied. He may treat someone for back pain one moment and a patient with diabetes the next. As his patients age, they might need ongoing medical treatment for chronic conditions. His comprehensive medical knowledge allows him to provide the care and treatment they need when they need it. 

Dr. George also works with other medical specialists when necessary. He coordinates with health professionals to make sure you receive the most appropriate course of treatment.

What are general medicine services?

Dr. George has training in treating a broad range of diseases, illnesses, and ongoing conditions. These include:

Diagnosing undefined symptoms

If a patient comes to Dr. George with pain symptoms in the chest, abdomen, or back, or if they experience shortness of breath, he helps diagnose their illness and decides on the best course of treatment. 

Preventive care

Dr. George isn’t just concerned with treating illness and disease once you have a diagnosis. He works to prevent it from getting that far. He performs screening and wellness checks, including annual exams, cholesterol and blood pressure screenings, and tests for various cancers.

Pre- and post-operative care

Before surgery, you need to be healthy enough to go ahead with the procedure and afterward know that you’re healing well and have no further issues. A general practitioner cares for you pre- and post-surgery. 

Collaboration with other specialties

Often, with a chronic condition, you need specialist medical care besides ongoing treatment. Dr. George works with your other providers to make sure you have the most comprehensive care solution.

How do you choose a general medicine provider?

Choosing the right general medicine provider is essential if you’re to feel comfortable speaking with them about your health concerns and have confidence in their abilities. When selecting a provider, you might want to consider the following:

  • Reviews
  • Recommendations
  • Specialisms
  • Hospital affiliation
  • Insurance


Dr. George is one of the foremost general medicine providers in Oregon. He has extensive training in all areas of general medicine and specializes in pain management. Call the practice today to schedule an appointment to discuss your health concerns.