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Failure of yet another medical office to properly document chronic opioid treatments for years

Just reviewed over 400 pages of medical records from Sonoma Family Practice out of Sonoma, CA. The two page “Consent form for Controlled Substane Therapy” is NOT signed by the physician and is NOT dated.

Multiple repeated pages regarding current immunization guidelines and other guidelines for diabetic testing and such, but guess what? NOT A SINGLE DRUG TEST was EVER given to the patient receiving 80 mg of Methadone a day!

Not a single EKG was on file for this patient either!

And everyone wonders why we got into this “opioid crisis” in the first place. Too many providers were giving pain medications out just like any other prescriptions: no tests; no questionnaires to document issues, risks, side effects, and more; no pill counts; no checking the state website to ensure no other prescriptions are being filled, etc. etc.

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