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FDA looking into EHR errors?

There are so many errors and fraudulent entries made by numerous providers using Electron Health Record systems that it’s laughable and pathetic at the same time. I have seen providers documenting almost full physicals being done on their patients at almost every visit. When you talk to the patient, they say that their provider hasn’t even touched them once in months, sometimes years. They can’t do a complete physical without touching the patient! But thanks to the miracle of computerized “cut and paste” entries, they can make believe that all sorts of things happened. They can claim they spent 30 minutes with the patient with such fake documentation, when they were really only there for less than 10 minutes! Despite the prevalence of these FRAUD, insurance companies and licensing boards take no action because it’s all part of the GAME to make money off of patients while doing as little as possible in the shortest amount of time. When they see more patients faster, the money just starts adding up faster.

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