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OMMP Pricing


New Patients and Renewing Patients from other clinics:

  • Start with a $60 record review fee to ensure that you meet the state qualifying conditions based on your medical records.  This is non-refundable if you are denied.
  • $200 prepaid for your 45-60 minute appointment with Dr. George once you are approved to be seen.

Current Patients of Dr. George who are renewing their cards:

  • $175 prepaid for your 30-45 minute appointment with Dr. George
  • Ensure that all of your medical records are updated from your providers; basically from everyone you have seen since your last approval with Dr. George
  • Failure to provide all the necessary records by your appointment will incur a $30 late records review fee.

Follow-up appointments are still required because it is the medically proper way to manage medical marijuana and follows the formal recommendations by the state for physicians approving patients for medical marijuana.  Because of cost concerns, we offer three choices when completing your follow-up evaluations:

  • $60 follow-up fee to be seen with Dr. George for 15-20 minutes.
  • $60 follow-up fee to have a telephone consultation if you live more than 30 minutes away from his office.
  • NO FEE for 10-20 minute follow-up with one of Dr. George’s medical assistants who will document what’s happened since your last appointment.

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