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Oregon Board of Pharmacy fails again and again.

While the PDMP can be a highly useful tool when it is used by ALL prescribers (NOT required by law, yet!) and when it is properly maintained by ALL pharmacies that are dispensing controlled substances (and they DON’T), it loses its effectiveness at times due to the multiple mistakes and failed entries that are occurring on a fairly regular basis. I notified the pharmacy board months ago of a big mistake; my prescription that I wrote for my patient was listed on the PDMP as being written by another provider! I am sure that other provider doesn’t like being “credited” for a prescription she did not write, especially during this opioid “crisis” where all prescribers are under the “evil eye” of licensing boards and more. But does the pharmacy board really care? NO! It is quite obvious when they do NOTHING to make the changes or even bother to respond to the multiple complaints I have filed with them over the years regarding such PDMP errors. As pharmacists themselves, all they care is “Did we get paid for it?”

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