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Optimal Health of Southern Oregon's HIPAA violation that they fail to acknowledge

On May 29, 2020, we received medical records based on a release of information that we sent to Optimal Health of Southern Oregon for our patient.

They sent 28 pages of medical records, yet in midst of our patient's records, they included an entirely different patient's records too!

From page 7 to page 12, a visit that this other patient had with Asante Three Rivers Medical Center's Emergency Department of Grants Pass.  Names of the patients were not even close!

Faxed Optimal Health a notice that they should investigate how that happened to prevent recurrence.  


They obviously don't care about HIPAA violations because they didn't get caught by the government.

From what I've seen the government chooses to go after the "big fish" for big violations that result in huge fines, so as usual this clinic gets away with the violation and never learns any lessons from it.

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