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Why do pain agreements when doctors don’t take them seriously . . . except to use against patients.

Pulled out some records to check some things and refreshed myself with something I had been meaning to post earlier but got distracted. Talk about “little” pain agreements! Just look at the one used by Centennial Medical Group East, still called Evergreen Family Medicine by most people. It is only 16 short sentences that, even when double-spaced like they are on the page, can easily fit on half-a-page of paper. Was it completed by a high school graduate trying to complete a 250-word essay? Because those 16 short sentences total only 260 words! 260 words that do not tell you all the ways that they will “interpret” and “twist” the meanings to fit what they want to do and when. They don’t give out copies of the signed agreements to their patients either! Their Material Risk Notice is a farce and the Informed Consent could fit on a large prescription bottle, even when it’s double-spaced! No updated changes with guidelines and such too. Still the same in 2018 as it was for the years before. How pathetic!

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