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Dr. George reviews records and works with as many specialists as he can, but some can’t be bothered. Many surgeons are failing to address post-surgical pain and just tell their patients to “take more of the pain meds that Dr. George is giving you.” That is NOT proper; they never discussed it with me before, during, or after surgery. They did not write the prescription, so therefore they are not taking responsibility for the directions on it. By telling a patient to exceed the written directions, it is tantamount to misrepresentation and possibly malpractice.

Be careful about the specialists that you choose to see. Dr. George has heard many complaints by patients about surgeons and others who have failed to even do a physical examination on them, yet make certain recommendations for treatments such as surgery! When you see a surgeon, there are many things that they could possibly do, but usually it amounts to only two things: Nothing or Surgery. Guess what? They make the most money when they do surgery! So guess what they will likely offer you.

Our office currently does NOT recommend referrals to the NeuroSpine Institute due to their problematic care and record delays. Dr. Catherine Gallo, owner and chief neurosurgeon at that facility, failed to respond to a letter of concern that I sent her detailing the problems I had noted with her staff and their care towards my patients. Her clinic’s response was to just start telling patients NOT to go see Dr. George. Despite their pitiful actions, some patients still find their way to us. If our patients specifically request the NeuroSpine Institute, we will do their referral despite our feelings.

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