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Canyonville Health and Urgent Care violates HIPAA?

The ongoing clash with this clinic is far from over. They have failed to send us records in a timely manner for years. Now their ploy is to NOT fax records to our office despite the patient’s signed Release of Information form stating they may do so.

What Canyonville Health has decided to do is to copy the records and MAIL them to our office. They are NOT sent certified mail and thus if they were lost, the patient’s confidential health information would be somewhere out in the public realm. The patient did NOT give consent to mailing, yet Canyonville Health does whatever they want because they don’t really care about the patient’s rights.

Since the records are NOT sent certified, there is NO tracking or any possible way to verify that they were actually sent, so again they are failing their patients by not establishing a date of actual service being done.

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