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Purdue Pharma’s inconsequential penalty of $270 million

I just read on Fox News that Oklahoma has settled with Purdue Pharma for $270,000,000. That’s a ridiculous amount of money . . . ridiculously LOW! According to Wikipedia, Purdue made $35 billion profit in 2017. Now when numbers are this large, people easily get duped into thinking things seem large, because for most of us $270 million is like winning the lottery. But do the math: $35,000,000,000 divided by 365 days a year = $95,890,410 per day. Read that closely! $95 million per day!

$270,000,000 divided by $95 million = 2.84 days. Not even 3 full days of income! So for creating all the healthcare issues, addictions, deaths, and more, they only have to pay out 3 days of income? I think everyone would agree to fines like that for all their crimes, yet when the average citizen faces fines, they amount to a lot more than 3 days of income.

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