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Evergreen Family Medicine FAILS to maintain medical records to higher standards

Evergreen Family Medicine has again failed to provide all the appropriate medical records on a patient that they have been treating. Every document signed by the providers is part of the medical record. It is amazing to me that they don’t understand the basics of medical record documentation.

Today they confirmed that they never completed a pain agreement or a Material Risk Notice on a chronic pain patient that they were prescribing for. They never performed any intake questionnaires to ascertain the patient’s risk levels for future opioid use based on past personal and family history.

What’s more disconcerting is that when they dismissed the patient and supposedly sent him the letter, they didn’t send it by certified mail and keep a copy of it in the patient’s file to become part of the official medical record. When they were asked about the letter not being in the patient’s medical records, Evergreen said “the patient has the letter."

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