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Government NEVER admits their mistakes!

Here is my response to the recent article entitled “An Open Letter to the CDC Center for Injury Prevention” that Dr. Richard Lawhern posted on the Pain News Network website on 4-9-19:

Governmental policy has always been slow to change, whether for good or bad, even when confronted with true and accurate facts. Bureaucrats have no interest in accurate data and use whatever “facts” they can find, even off various unsubstantiated websites and their “footnotes.” Government creates policy that appeases their highest paying lobbyists or most influential politicians or powerful bureaucrats. “Truth” is what they WANT it to be, because they are NEVER held liable for their mistakes, even when citizens suffer or die. Why haven’t any lawyers taken on a class-action suit against the government for the harms done by the CDC Guidelines and more? Because they know that there’s no money in it for them. It will be a waste of time because the government’s biased judges will toss it out on some technicality or rule against them anyways despite obvious facts of harms and more. Look at the years it took to bring the big tobacco companies to court and rule against them. The same for some automakers and other corporations. Until the government will make or save money from the lawsuit, they will never allow one to go to court. Individuals working for the government are protected from lawsuits despite the fact that they personally made many of the errors that led to the wrong actions and policies. Until they personally suffer from a chronic pain condition, or have to watch a loved one go through the agony of it, by having medications denied to them, they will never understand.

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