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South River Community Health Center wastes patients time with EKG’s

Had a patient go to South River CHC to complete an EKG. They did it back in August. He signed the paperwork to send the results to my office since we ordered it.

Two months later, no results received from them yet.

He said he signed their Release of Information (ROI) form to have the EKG results sent over at the time he did the test. The next day they called him and told him that he signed the “wrong” form. He went back in and they gave him the “same” form to sign. He told them this and they denied it.

Long story short. Two months later, no results had been sent yet.

He went back today and they said that even though the EKG had been done, they did not have anyone on their staff trained to read the results, so they could not release the EKG report. No one ever bothered to tell the patient this at any point along the process. They could have told him at the beginning so he could have gone elsewhere, but NO . . . they just wanted the money that they probably billed his insurance company for. Billing a service that they did NOT fully complete. That’s so WRONG!

So now two months later the patient has to go and repeat the EKG at a new facility so we can get the results to monitor his health. Does that really show that South River CHC is helping patients or just their pocketbooks?

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