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Arbitrary justice varies from town to town; clear example.

Let’s compare two cases of leaving an infant in the backseat of a hot car in a car seat unattended.

Roseburg, OR: Nicole Engler, nurse practitioner, left her child in the car seat while she went to work at Evergreen Family Medicine clinic.

Bend, OR: Evander McIver, Deputy District Attorney for Deschutes County, left his child in the car while he went work at the county offices.

Ms. Engler’s child died, an unfortunate tragedy.

Mr. McIver’s child survived uninjured.

Ms. Engler had the charge of manslaughter dropped by the Douglas County District Attorney Rick Wesenberg, who “said his decision was not based on public opinion, but on the evidence, the limits of Oregon law and the likelihood of a conviction if it had gone to court.” News Review 10-15-18.

Yet Mr. McIver was cited for misdemeanor child neglect, placed on administrative leave, and the incident is being reviewed by the Oregon Department of Justice.

Funny how Ms. Engler was found to be using marijuana, however, it was never stated that she was under the “effect” of it while at work, but it was detected in her blood. Medical Marijuana patients are often told by police that they can’t be driving if they have used within 24 hours. Is driving that much harder than practicing medicine?

And what of Evergreen Family Medicine clinic’s policy about marijuana. They won’t prescribe pain medications for any patients using any type of marijuana, but they let their staff use marijuana before seeing patients?

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