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Aviva Health and Dr. Harry Taylor don't care about patient safety

Here is a letter written to 2 different providers at Aviva Health regarding concerns over a mutual patient.

20 November 2020

To:  Aviva Health, Dr. Harry Taylor and Shannon Suhr, NP

Re:  Concerns over demonstrated cognitive decline and decreasing physical actions for mutual patient, XXX X. XXXX, DOB XX-XX-XXXX

I called on 11-19-20 and left a message with your office regarding my concerns for XXX XXXX.  I was told that at (their) last visit of 11-3-20 your office increased (their) Gabapentin dosing at (their) request.

My medical assistant called your office on 7-1-20 and spoke with Sarah, MA and relayed our concerns regarding sudden changes in (their) cognition (forgetfulness, memory issues, slower to understand and respond to written and oral questions, reports of a fall at home slowed slightly unstable gait even with cane, etc.).  She ensured us that the message would be pased on to Shannon Suhr, NP.

I don't know if anyone has addressed these concerns such as doing a MMSE or more, but I am informing you that on 11-19-20 (they) were noted to drive into our parking lot, almost hitting another car while parking, and then took up two spaces (across the clearly marked line).  I did not have direct interaction with (them), but my staff reported no improvement in (their) cognition.

Since your office has increased (their) Gabapentin, which can create problems with cognition by itself, much less when combined with (their) Oxycodone medication, I am decreasing (their) Oxycodone dosage and will continue to do so if (their) cognition does not improve or until you delineate the cause of (their) cognitive decline and provide me documentation of your actions and possible treatments.

Also based on our observations, I am informing the Oregon DMV that (they) need a witnessed driving test to assess (their) driving skills for public safety.


Dr. Darryl George


Guess what?  Never got a response from them!  

Guess they really don't care about patient safety and responding to concerns expressed by other medical providers.

But the DMV does listen and suspended the patient's license for public safety.

The pateint themselves had to take action and got off the Gabapentin, so that we were able to continue to prescribe the Oxycodone which works well for their pain.

Guess what?  Their cognition improved!

Too bad Aviva Health providers don't observe, don't listen, and don't care.

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