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Mercy Medical Center AGAIN FAILS to send important records in a timely manner

Just saw a patient this week who was seen in the Mercy Medical Center ER, then admitted, was in the ICU and saw a mental health specialist before discharge. The patient was told to follow-up with me as scheduled within that next week. The patient told them to send the medical records to my office.

I saw the patient over a week after his discharge and guess what? NO chart notes on his stay at the hospital were ever sent! The only thing we have received was lab and imaging reports. Mercy has a long history of failing to send ER, admission, history and physical, surgical, and discharge notes to me on a timely basis. They are FAILING to help patients! But what do they care? They already got to bill the patient’s insurance A LOT of money, so who cares about them after they leave the hospital? Not Mercy!

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