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ADAPT of Roseburg fails to train their staff well

Patient went to get records from their office and was told that they would not accept any Release of Information (ROI) form except ADAPT’s. Where did that idea come from? It’s certainly not following HIPAA or any other state or federal guidelines regarding records releases and transfers.

If administration trains their staff, who’s is making this serious blunder?

Upon speaking to an administrator, it turns out that the receptionist is WRONG! The administrator is looking into the issue, but assures us that any ROI that meets federal regulations is acceptable and will be processed accordingly.

Time will tell. This is not the first instance of this happening with ADAPT.

Willamette Dental also fails to honor ROI’s not completed on their forms AND in their office. How is someone from out of town supposed to accomplish that? Pure discrimination. They should be fined, but the Office of Civil Rights that administers HIPAA law and investigates violations really does little to change things. They are merely clown cops with a good paycheck.

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