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Letter to Oregon PDMP regarding major error

This is the letter I faxed to the PDMP on 4-5-19:

5 April 2019

To:  Stephanie Vesik, PhD., Daily Operations Mgr.

           OHA – Public Health Div. – OPDMP

Re:  Major documentation error that could lead to fraud or other legal charges

I was reviewing the different options on the PDMP portal and found some disturbing information that is TOTALLY  WRONG and could be setting me up for legal charges for fraud or other violations when I have done nothing wrong.

On the option for “MyRx Request” I found that you have listed not only my correct DEA number of BG5564415, but also a “X” number that I have NEVER applied for.  I have taken the course two times over the years, but decided never to apply for it.

Under that “X” license, Rinehart Pharmacy has listed multiple prescriptions of Buprenorphine for my patient that I did write for, but only with my regular DEA number.  I specifically write “for pain” on those prescriptions because Buprenorphine can be used off-label for chronic pain.  “X” licensure is specifically for Opioid Use Disorder treatment which I do not do and for which these prescriptions were NOT written for.

Please immediately remove the “X” license number from “MyRx” page. 

Please ensure that all listed prescriptions for my patients are listed under my DEA regular number as they were written.

This is strictly a pharmacy error compounded by the PDMP system FAILING to corroborate DEA regular and “X” license numbers with the issuing agency.  If I face any investigation or charges by the DEA for these errors on your part, I will be taking legal action against all parties documenting such errors despite any “disclaimers” since the DEA and other law enforcement agencies use your services to search out potential targets.


Dr. Darryl George

Affordable Integrative Medicine

2031 NE Diamond Lake Blvd.

Roseburg, OR  97470

T:  541.672.8366

F:  541.672.1798

Cc:  Rinehart Pharmacy

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