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Mercy Medical Center


Dr. George does not recommend for his patients to use this hospital for emergency services as they show an outright discrimination against his chronic pain patients and others. They fail to send notices and records regarding treatments provided. Patients often come in for their follow-ups reporting that they were seen at Mercy’s ER and records were clearly requested to be forwarded to Dr. George’s office. Guess what? Records rarely ever show up from the ER. Labs and imaging regularly do, but not the ER records. Inpatient admissions, consultations, and discharges are often slow to arrive to — thus delaying timely follow-up care. But Mercy can care less about any patients getting timely rechecks, as long as they got the patient’s money.

Mercy owns the Evergreen Family Medicine and Urgent Care center and now has bought up Park Medical Group on Harvard. This just gives them more of a growing monopoly on care, imaging, lab testing, and more. Therefore they can set higher prices that you must pay through your insurance company, if you’re lucky enough to have one. Their prices exceed many other hospitals in the state for a variety of services.

Dr. George can recommend imaging services out of town that charge much lower fees. Many lab services can also be ordered through online lab companies and then drawn locally for a discounted price. There are plenty of alternatives to Mercy’s monopolistic services if you are willing to look for them.

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