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Albertson’s Sav-on pharmacy STILL making illegal reporting errors and is never held accountable by t

Just in the last few weeks, I had to notify Sav-on, the PDMP, and the Oregon Board of Pharmacy of another eight illegal acts by Sav-on. Oregon law requires all pharmacies to report controlled substance medications filled within 72 hours — I have patients whose medications have not shown up after 28 or more days!

No one seems to care! They’re making their money and don’t care about anything else!

I am only one physician, but if I am seeing that many mistakes from this pharmacy, then how many more of them are being made among the hundreds of other providers here in the Roseburg area? How about in the whole state of Oregon?

Most providers are NOT checking the state PDMP system as they SHOULD. The new law just required them to sign-up for an account, but did not require them to use it. How stupid of our legislators? That’s akin to the federal government saying you must have an account to sell firearms, but you don’t have to report those sales! What real good does that do?

The Oregon Board of Pharmacy finally notified me that they are investigating Sav-on after months of my complaints. It should be an easy open-and-shut case with a hefty fine, but it’s already been over a month and nothing has happened. More than likely the OBP will close the case with just a simple warning and nothing will change. The OBP has a habit of protecting its own pharmacists and stores rather than holding them truly accountable for their illegal actions.

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