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NOTICE to the PDMP, the Oregon Board of Pharmcay, and Albertson’s SavOn

Here’s the letter I wrote to the PDMP, SavOn, and the Oregon Board of Pharmacy and faxed to them on 4-17-19. As usual, I doubt much action will occur.


Please see the attached error sheet regarding my patient and his PDMP report printed today.

Here is just ANOTHER example of SAVON failing to submit controlled substance prescriptions to the PDMP system in a timely manner. 

You and they have been aware of these errors for some time now.  It’s high time to fix the system that they claim is the problem.

Since SAVON is part of Albertson’s, that is owned by the Safeway chain of stores, which created so many issues that I had to put the Roseburg Safeway pharmacy on a NOT ALLOWED list, I have been waiting for the day that the same careless behavior and lack of lawful concern would soon become part of the day-to-day operations at SAVON.  Has this occurred now?

I am notifying you, SAVON, and the Oregon Board of Pharmacy that as of today, if any further reporting errors occur at the Roseburg SAVON after today’s date, I will NOT allow my patients to fill at their store.

I am sure that some hefty fines or disciplinary actions would fix the problem but no one at the board has the courage and integrity to do so in support of the multiple violations of state law.

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