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Illegal prescribing activity by two different doctors in Roseburg

It has been reported to me by reliable sources that do not wish to get involved with the proper reporting of such crimes that two doctors in Roseburg have had staff members falsifying prescriptions and passing them off in town. A local pharmacy uncovered the facts by checking the state PDMP system and speaking with the doctors involved. Has anything happened?

Both pharmacies involved did NOT report the issue to the police or the Oregon Board of Pharmacy or the Oregon Medical Board.

Both doctors involved did NOT report the issue to the police or the Oregon Medical Board.

I don’t know what happened to one of the employees, but the other has ended up at the local hospital and now has direct access to strong pain medications and more in their role at the ER.


No one cares! The medical board expects those involved with the acts or having witnessed the acts to report it. Really? Are they really that naive? Evidently!

Violations of the law occurring all over the place! Pharmacies! Doctors! Employees with licenses or certifications! Witnesses at these places!

No one has the integrity to report these crimes! I have tried but I am told it’s “third-hand” information and they will not start an investigation based on that. Really? They have started investigations for far less in the past!

A plain and simple review of the prescriptions written by the doctors and cross-checked with a list of their employees, past and present, and verified by tax records, would easily show the illegal activity. But no! That’s too much effort for the “working” idiots in our government. No wonder Oregon has become a cesspool of graft, corruption, and more.

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