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Primary Care


Providing primary care services for adults at very affordable prices.

Dr. George offers easy to understand medical advice that gives you a clearer picture of your medical problems and how we can work together to improve your health overall.

He spends time listening to your problems and explains to you the process we can go through to find solutions in a cost-effective manner that works for you.

Dr. George is accepting new patients into his primary care practice. However, we do not accept just anyone or everyone who needs a doctor.  We are interested in working with people who have a true need and are willing to follow our treatment recommendations, whether they are medications, herbals, other alternative forms of therapy, and more.

You must first read about our office policies and complete your medical history questionnaire that Dr. George will review.  You must provide us with the last two years worth of medical records from all medical providers you have been seeing, such as your current or last primary care provider, specialists, hospital, etc.  Dr. George will then review it all and decide whether or not to accept you into his practice.

If your medical records show repeated failures to adhere to recommended medical treatments, multiple missed appointments, abuse of medications or illegal drugs, etc., then Dr. George will most likely not accept you into his practice.  If your medical problems are such that you require repeated hospitalizations for intensive care, Dr. George will most likely recommend that you find an Internal Medicine specialist or some other doctor that does hospital work, as Dr. George does not.

From Dr. George:

You are paying for my medical knowledge and I firmly believe in trying to educate you with the best options that I am aware of and that I feel will be in your best interests.  It does not do either of us any good to come listen to me and then walk out without changing your actions.  I am not interested in wasting my time on patients who are unwilling and not motiviated to change their lifestyle to improve their own health.”

When people get terrible service at stores, restaurants, and other places, they remember it and do not go back.  It amazes me that when patients get treated terribly by their own doctors, that they keep going back for more abuse.  If your doctor is ignoring you, not listening to you, not helping you, then why do you keep going back?  You can change when you want, just as the doctor can drop you when he or she wants.”

Recently a patient told me that his primary care doctor dropped him just because he lost his insurance!  What is wrong with this picture?  Some doctors are too interested in the money and do not seem to want to spend time with their patients.  I spend at least 45 minutes with every new patient and at least 15 minutes at each follow-up visit with you.  I will spend more time with you if needed.”

Most of the clinics and providers in the Roseburg area are only interested in billing your insurance.  They see you in very short appointments, fabricate chart notes with physicals they didn’t do, say they discussed things they didn’t, and bill for the highest services they can get away with.  They don’t care because it’s not your money, it’s the insurance company’s.

With the cost of health insurance continuing to increase, I can provide you a lower cost service if you are fairly healthy.  You could get an insurance plan that covers major medical in case of hospitalizations and more, while just paying out of pocket costs for your regular medical visits and potentially save money, depending on your problems and medications.

We also educate our patients about their health issues and how to use their medications.  Something that seems to be lacking at many of the clinics around Roseburg.  We often get comments from patients who report that their PCP never discussed or educated them in the things that Dr. George does.  Just the basics of inhaler use is something that most patients have failed to be educated on and patients are surprised at the simple recommendations that Dr. George has given them that makes a difference.

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