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More Nurse Practitioner fraud at local clinic

After reviewing the records on a patient and discussing the records with the patient in person, it becomes apparent that a Nurse Practitioner at the South River Community Health Center commits fraud on her medical records.

She documents physical examinations that DON’T happen. There are things you can document without touching the patient, but there are MANY things that you CAN’T document WITHOUT TOUCHING the patient.

This patient reported that the NP never touched her for the specific examination findings reported in the chart note. This is just another example of fraudulent documentation to create a “fuller” or more “complete” chart note to justify higher billings. But since the insurance didn’t pay for it, the patient got hit for over $300 in services, parts of them fraudulent in nature.

Too bad the state agencies like the Oregon State Board of Nursing and the Oregon Medical Board don’t care about such fraudulent activity. They know it happens QUITE OFTEN, in fact many of their own board members, past and present, are likely guilty of doing it. It’s easy and quick with computers. It makes them MORE money WITHOUT doing anything extra.

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