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Time = money. Less time = less care. The typical norm in medical care now.

Just posted this comment to the article of “Doctor, Doctor – Are you listening to what she says?” on the National Pain Report website:

Medicine has changed over the last 50 years thanks to government bureaucracy & health insurance company greed. They have pilfered the healthcare system making it their private piggybank. What used to be a wise investment in your health (an insurance premium) that provided timely service & treatment has mutated into a system that delays care, shortens time spent with providers, denies medications, tests, and treatments, etc., all for the sake of becoming a mega-money-making machine for insurers, hospitals, PBM’s, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, lawyers, university clinics, and so many more “participants” all “taking,” but doing less “giving.” Premiums have risen; benefits have gone down. Copays went up; coverage decreased. Time spent with providers decreased, but costs skyrocketed. Lower-level workers who provide hands-on care & spend time with patients make the least amount of money. The vast majority of income (money transference) is made by higher-level executives who do the least amount of work. They basically practice medicine without a license because they make the decisions to deny your care without knowing you or all the facts about your care. To them your premium, paid from your hard-earned dollars, is “their” money once it’s in their bank account and they will do their darnedest to keep it. That means denying as many services, medications, treatments, etc. as they can; for after all they have those pesky monthly bills to pay for their mega-mansions, private jets, yachts, sportscars, country club memberships, and more. I spend time & actually “touch” my patients; so many of them say that no one has even touched them in years. How can their providers claim to have done the physicals they claim in their chart notes? They lie (fraud) to claim higher billings to get what reimbursements they can from the insurance companies. Spend less time, bill higher rates, yet still get reduced reimbursements. Who has time to listen?

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