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Dr. Choate and others abandon patients?

It seems that Umpqua Health and it’s clinical and administrative staff have big secrets to hide. First they close their office on Harvard Avenue WITHOUT informing patients . . . no letter, no phone calls, etc. I have patients reporting that they have shown up for scheduled appointments only to be told that their provider no longer works there. But that’s where the conversation ends . . . no information about where the provider went, or how to contact them, etc.

Sure sounds like patient abandonment to me. Patients never informed their provider is leaving. Never told that their visit is cancelled. Never told where their provider is going. Never told about how to get their records or prescription refills, etc. What would you call it if it happened to you?

What makes it even worse is that Dr. Choate has done this very same thing again and again. It seems he really doesn’t care about his patients, only what works best for him? Probably just goes where more of the money is?!

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