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Response to Pain News Network article of 7-19-19

Here’s my response to the article by Pat Anson posted July 19, 2019 on the Pain News Network entitled: “Pharmacists and Rx Wholesalers Charged with Drug Trafficking

“It’s high time that any of the corporate executives that are charges with crimes face long prison sentences, just like many of the physicians who have been jailed for years. When a physician loses their license with prison convictions, they likely will never get it back. But these corporate “looters” rarely do any significant time, and then just right back to lucrative “fleecing” jobs. They have violated numerous legal statutes, Medicare policies, and more. They should NEVER again be allowed to work in the healthcare industry! Then if they get a fine, it represents a measly inconsequential amount compared to the millions they have “stolen.” When physicians get fined it represents a significant percentage of their income, yet these executives get miniscule fines compared to the amounts they raked in over the years, and they never have to pay back a big amount of their “ill-gotten” gains. Where’s the real justice in that?”

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