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Sad state of medical care in Roseburg, Oregon

Reviewed medical records from multiple providers for a patient applying to my clinic. There are SO MANY things wrong with them, it’s difficult to know where to start, but here goes.

Patient seen at Umpqua Community Health Center by two different Nurse Practitioners over the years. Five visits: ALL of them have the height input WRONG. Patient is 5″7″ — they have 67 feet listed, thus giving a BMI of 0.2And no one has noticed for over a year!

Heart murmur is mentioned in history, but newest NP has never listened to the patient’s heart. Last NP says they listened, but physical examinations look like they have been “cut and pasted” over and over. The one day the patient complained of heart fluttering, had a pulse of 118, and a blood pressure of 160/100, no one listened to the heart!

Patient has been prescribed pain medications by both NP’s. No one ever did a pain agreement or a Material Risk Notice. Only one check of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program website is noted. Only one Urine Drug Test has ever been performed and it did not show the medication being prescribed! No confirmation or discussion or pill count was ever done to account for this discrepancy!

And to top it off, both of the NP’s were prescribing pain medications clearly knowing that the patient drinks alcohol to excess, has known fatty liver disease, and progressively increasing liver enzymes on labs!

Are they trying to slowly kill this patient with neglect?



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