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Epidural “hostages”

Just posted this comment on the Pain News Network website regarding their newest article:
I have seen multiple chronic pain patients held “hostage” by their neurosurgeons, orthopedic doctors, and rehab specialists for years. They have to “agree” to those epidural steroid injections, even when they have already had them before without any benefit. It’s just a big money-maker for the doctor when they can make almost $1,000 or more for each one. It’s quick and easy for them, but filled with increased chances of infection, bleeding, and other adverse outcomes that they quickly gloss over in their “informed consent.” Studies have shown that they are NOT effective and really not COST effective too. Why are we wasting money (patients, insurance companies, and government money) on therapies that don’t make a REAL difference? Because the government hasn’t gone after these “injector” doctors because it’s considered “acceptable.” But if the studies are there that show NO benefits, why do the insurance companies and the government keep paying for them? Because these people have money and lobbyists to pay off those decision makers and keep their money stream flowing. Without those expensive injections to support their practices, many of the specialty pain clinics and neurosurgeons would have to cut staff and expenses. Should they practice good medicine that’s PROVEN science or should they keep making millions off easy, allowed injections? No brainer there for them.

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