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Another CHI Mercy Medical Center lawsuit

The News Review reported today, 2-23-19, that CHI Mercy has been sued by Ms. Renee Bates due to injuries she sustained while at their facility. I wish her the greatest success in her lawsuit and her request for a jury trial. I would hope that she and her lawyer do not capitulate to Mercy’s usual settlement demands of non-disclosure where they willingly “pay off” the patient and then demand their “silence” regarding all issues of the case and the amount of money paid to the patient. It’s time for the public to really see what Mercy is all about. Discriminatory care. Lack of oversight. Money foremost. Now they will be in for a long haul and during and after that time, she will likely be the victim of discrimination by many of the medical providers in the Roseburg area who bow down and worship the ground that Mercy is built upon, while also pocketing some of that money.

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