Dr. Darryl George - Affordable Integrative Medicine, located in Roseburg, Oregon
Dr. George provides full evaluations for patients interested in qualifying for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP).  We work with patients that want to adhere to the rules set by the State of Oregon.  We do not promote the sale or abuse of medical marijuana like some other clinics around the state do.  We are a medical office and we do not provide seeds, plants, clones, bud, or any other form of cannabis product.
To apply for the OMMP, we require you to complete our Eligibility Questionnaire to insure that you are a potential candidate for the program.  We also require the last two years of medical records from all your medical providers, such as your primary care doctor, specialists, hospital, etc.  Your records must document what your current medical problem(s) are and must show visits to your doctor within the last 12 months.  If you have previously been approved by any other provider for the OMMP, please bring in copies of those papers that were sent to the OMMP office to get your card.

Effective October 1, 2015:  Recreational marijuana became legally available at dispensaries.  Dr. George does not approve of recreational use.  I will not approve patients for the OMMP who are using cannabis for recreational purposes.
The normal fee to the state OMMP office in Portland is $200.  
Effective October 1, 2013 these rates are applicable if you have any of the following
  • SNAP (food stamps), your fee is $60
  • Oregon Health Plan (OHP), your fee is $50.
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI; which is not Social Security or disability), then your fee is only $20
  • If you are a veteran and have a 100% service-connected disability, then your fee is only $20.
  • Note:  If you specify another person to be your grower, there is an extra $50 registration fee too.
Our fee for completing your evaluation, reviewing records, discussing treatment options, and performing a comprehensive physical at our office is as follows:
  • ***  See our pricing on next page  ***
  • Patients with financial hardships or those traveling long distance to our clinic could qualify for a reduced fee. Call us to inquire.
  • If you're looking for better medical service with more professionalism, come see the care our patients enjoy without all the drama.
Remember that Dr. George personally:
  •  reviews your medical records, unlike some clinics that use untrained and uncertified employees or volunteers to skim through your records only looking for key words.
  • performs your physical examination, not some Physician Assistant (PA) or Nurse Practitioner (NP), who hardly even touches but fraudulently says they did.
  • gives you additional medical advice relevant to your whole medical condition, not just your cannabis related qualifying condition(s).
  • you will spend 30-45 minutes personally with Dr. George and not the 5-10 minutes that you get with the doctor at other clinics.
  • you will be treated as a person and not just some cattle pushed through a line quickly for your money.
Multiple doctors involved with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program have lost their license because of their substandard care and failure to follow the basics of proper medical care and examination.  Many patients have lost their money and have had to repeat their applications when their doctor lost their license or just quit. 

Be aware that there are multiple abuses taking place within the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program.  Growers are the most common abusers of the program, but caregivers and patients also are guilty of abuses.  Clinics that require you to sign up with their growers and other such abuses are also occurring around the state.  You have the right to select your own grower and should not be "assigned" to someone you do not know.  You have the right to know where your grow site is.  These are typical abuses by some clinics that keep you out of the "loop."  If you choose to follow "their rules," then you are signing away your rights, and you will probably pay the consequences.  Remember, you have been warned.
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