Dr. Darryl George - Affordable Integrative Medicine, located in Roseburg, Oregon
AMOP (Alternative Medical Outreach Program), recently also known as TLC Medical Center of Roseburg, was operated by Donna Eide, President.
Dr. George first started approving patients for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program at AMOP in 2004. Dr. George left AMOP in December 2009 after not having been paid all that he was rightly due for services provided to patients over the years.  A lawsuit was filed in Douglas County court.  AMOP was fined by the court for failing to produce all requested records and had their counter-lawsuit thrown out as penalty.  Donna Eide signed an agreement for AMOP to pay off the court fine, but has failed to make those payments in a timely manner and has a large unpaid debt which is still outstanding.
On July 25, 2012, AMOP and Dr. George entered into a settlement through which AMOP would be required to make monthly payments, with interest, to pay off the over $100,000 the company owes to Dr. George.
Per the court agreement, first payment was due on September 1st, 2012.  Currently AMOP owes over $30,000 in payments as established by the court order that Donna Eide signed, but to date has only paid just over $300! 
A Debtor's Exam took place on November 13th, 2012.  Donna Eide showed up with NONE of the records that were requested in advance by summons.  She had until December 4th to provide ALL the requested records and answer to questions regarding her business and personal accounts.  Guess what?  She still didn't provide the records.  She was given an extension until January 29, 2013.  Again she did not provide all the records that any non-profit corporation should be in possession of due to required accounting standards.  While under oath during the debtor's examination, she admitted to using AMOP accounts for her own personal expenses -- a clear violation of IRS laws and State of Oregon non-profit laws.  Judge Randolph Garrison failed to ever hold her in contempt of court despite all her shenanigans; his excuse was basically "What good would it do?"  Some jail time would have done a lot of good!
As one of her many creditors, I would give AMOP and Donna Eide a big "F" rating.  "F" for failing to pay what she has agreed to in court, failing to comply with all court requirements, failure to hold up her end of contracts, failing to follow federal IRS and State of Oregon guidelines of non-profit corporations, etc.
We know she is still looking for doctors to work for her.  In my opinion, that will be a BIG MISTAKE for anyone who does.  She failed to pay me in the past, and is failing to pay what she has agreed to through the court settlement.  She is facing another lawsuit from Dr. Kathleen Kleinert, another doctor who worked there, regarding wages.  She failed to pay Dr. Larry Bogart, now deceased, all that he was rightly owed.  She had to pay one doctor in cash for his services, which I doubt he or she ever fully reported to the IRS or the Oregon Department of Revenue.
Why would anyone want to do business with her or her company when she does this to others?  Court orders and signed agreements mean nothing to her.  This type of behavior extends into her clinic and the less than reliable services she has provided have caused "her" patients to leave her clinic looking for better care.  She calls them late at night crying for them to come back.  She wants to rant and file a lawsuit claiming we are "stealing" her patients, when they leave on their own due to the lousy service she and her staff continue to provide.  Do a better job and they will stay; just common sense, but something that is very lacking there.
If you have any medical records there, be aware that they have been destroying any records more than two years old.  Not very ethical and definitely not common medical practice, but the medical board does nothing because she is not licensed by them.  How pathetic is that?
If you ever paid Donna Eide, or the AMOP/TLC Medical Center clinic, money for services that you never received, but were promised that you would get, and then later were denied any form of refund, we strongly suggest that you contact the Oregon Attorney General's Consumer Hotline at 1-877-877-9392 to report this unethical behavior.
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