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AMOP (Alternative Medical Outreach Program), now currently known as TLC Medical Center of Roseburg, despite the fact that their website was still listed as amop.org, although you can't access their Welcome Page, "What We Do" is at www.amop.org/amop_004.htm .  Their website has been down since January 2012.  Under re-construction?  They always claimed it was being updated "daily."  If they can't take care of and maintain their website, should you really expect them to take good care of your medical needs?
Dr. George first started approving patients for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program at AMOP in 2004. Dr. George left AMOP in December 2009 after not having been paid all that he was rightly due for services provided to patients over the years.  A lawsuit is currently in process in Douglas County court, despite the delays and failure of AMOP to produce all records requested.  AMOP was fined by the court for failing to produce such records and had their counter-lawsuit thrown out as penalty.  Donna Eide signed an agreement to pay off her court fine, but has failed to make those payments in a timely manner.
AMOP has gone through multiple providers since 2009:
  • Dr. Leigh Saint-Louis, primary care services.
  • Dr. Amro Ali (eye doctor) doing OMMP - how ridiculous is that?  Donna Eide paid him in cash after each clinic; wonder if he ever reported that income, since technically he was "moonlighting" outside of his OHSU fellowship, which was against the state rules.
  • Dr. Richard Staggenborg (psychiatrist) doing primary care and OMMP - equally ridiculous and the medical board was forewarned about him.  Recently surrendered his license to practice for two years due to unprofessional or dishonorable conduct, gross or repeated acts of negligence, and willful violation of provisions of the Medical Practice Act.
  • Dr. Kathleen Kleinert, primary care.  Gone since the summer of 2011 but was still listed on AMOP's website as currently providing care as late as January 2012, how pathetic is this false advertising?  Her license in now lapsed as of 12-31-11.  She did not get fully paid by Donna Eide and is contemplating a lawsuit of her own.
  • Dr. Larry Kovachevich, primary care.  Currently his license is inactive due to an ongoing investigation regarding multiple ethical and medical complaints.  And AMOP is hoping to get him back to serve you?  His license is now lapsed too as of 12-31-11.
  • Dr. Ajay Mohabeer, OMMP services.  Only works part-time in Oregon because he comes from the very conservative state of Texas, so how long will he stay?  His license only allows him to work in Oregon 240 days each two years.
  • Dr. Andrew Dorfman of Ashland, who works the California MediCann clinic in Redding.  Already hearing some interesting stories about him.
If you ever paid Donna Eide, or the AMOP/TLC Medical Center clinic, money for services that you never received, but were promised that you would get, and then later were denied any form of refund, we strongly suggest that you contact the Oregon Attorney General's Consumer Hotline at 1-877-877-9392 to report this unethical behavior.
If you are tired of their games and their drama, and the slander that AMOP continues to spread, come see us for a change for the better. 
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Also, as the lawsuit is progressing and more information has been developed regarding the medical care and behavior of employees at AMOP and TLC Medical Center, we are looking for any information regarding the following:
  • If you ever paid by check for services given at AMOP or TLC Medical Center, such as seeing the doctor or getting your OMMP card, but were told to make the check out to "Donna Eide" instead of the company.
  • If you were ever given injections of any type by any person at the clinic.  OSHA investigation had some interesting things to say about the AMOP clinic.
  • If you were ever told disparaging remarks or other things about any of the doctors previously employed there.
  • If you were ever told that Dr. George "stole" your medical files from their clinic.
  • If you were ever told that they have "no idea" where Dr. George is or how to contact him.
  • Please call us at 541-672-8366 or leave a message on our contact page so that we can discuss any of the above items with you in greater detail.  Thank you.
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